I graduated with an Industrial Design degree from the University of Washington Seattle in June 2014.

Since graduating, I started working at a small startup, Coding Dojo, in the Seattle location where I took
the Graphic Designer position. However, like most startups, I wore many hats in addition to my contract
position, including photographer, interior designer, and graphic artist.

Previously, I interned at the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development
Authority (SCIDpda, a nonprofit), where I designed marketing materials, e.g. posters , postcards,
and other graphical products promoting the organization’s efforts to improve the neighborhood.

In addition to creating graphics, I also designed T-shirts and took photos of neighborhood events.
These events help increase foot traffic into the general Chinatown neighborhood and the photos help
with grant writing and future marketing materials.

It was rewarding to apply my academic knowledge and skills in a nonprofit setting because I am helping the
neighborhood on some level. I was able to impact the community by promoting neighborhood events and
documented them through photography.