Blog Feature Imgs

These are samples of feature images for Coding Dojo’s blog posts, which is one of the company’s high trafficked channels. My task was to design images that relate to the article and follow brand guidelines. I have included some mock-ups and the final design (last slide) in the following:


Amazon Echo Class:

Coding Dojo hosts a monthly Amazon Skills Workshop and wanted a graphic they can use for the occasion. I found the stock photo online, but had to edit it enough so it could be used for the company’s needs.



Bellevue Community College:

The team thought the instructor was “too stern looking,” so I super imposed another face on his body. I also edited other details so the class was less about calculus and more about coding.



Choosing Python:



Last Chance:



Web Developer Salary:



Why Learn Python:



eGuide & Algo App:



Coding Dojo & Udemy Class:



Using Python in Data Science:



Best Practices:



Self Taught vs. Bootcamp: