Kaiser Permanente

Produced and updated marketing collateral ranging from informational booklets,
flyers, digital banner ads, and stock photography. I updated and cleaned up previous year’s InDesign files to have clean Paragraph/Character Styles, consistent margins/guides, and followed current Brand Guideline changes. Utilized Photoshop to generate digital banner ads and create simple animated GIFs.

Picking up last year’s files, I made some tweaks to the design based on the updated Brand Guidelines. Mainly consisting of type treatment, color usage, and layout adjustments.
LG0002445-50-19 2020_SEBB_PPO_PugetSound_v3_FINAL_Interactive_Page_01

Banner Ads
Banner design was set by a Senior Designer, and my role was to produce all assets accordingly to pass of to the project mangers. Each set of ads consisted between two to four different sizes with some having simple animation involved.

Poster Edits
Made edits to an existing poster by cleaning up the text bubbles and adding in the Metro Bus graphic that matches the rest of the poster. Made minor tweaks to the layout to accommodate the new copy.
NOTE: I did not generate the bulk of the graphics for this poster, but rather I cleaned up the file so it was more consistent and easier to edit for future usage. However, I can generate graphics similar to this file if needed.
LG0002430-51-19 Your Passport to KP for King County_v2_FINAL-01