US BioTek Laboratories

Updated instructional tri-fold brochures, forms, and an informational booklet to reflect updated brand guidelines. The existing materials seemed like they were stuck in the 90s, so emphasis was put on making the new designs more modern and easy to understand step-by-step instructions. Recreated all the documents in Adobe InDesign for easy editability in the future.

Although these articles are available on the US BioTek website, some users may want to print them out and read on paper. I typeset the articles in a layout I made from scratch and included imagery in places to break up the blocks of text.
1. Childhood Neurological Health and Immune Reactivity: Are ADHD and Autism Allergic Diseases?
2. Born and Dying in a Toxic World: Testing for Environmental Pollutants During Weight Loss, Part 1
3. Born and Dying in a Toxic World Part 2: The Neurological Implications of Testing for Environmental Pollutants
4. Carbohydrate Determinants: A Common Cause of False Positives in IgE Allergy Testing
5. The Leaky Gut and Allergy Catch 22: The Underlying Trigger for a Myriad of Health Concerns
6. Pervasive Parabens: Their Destructive Role in Male and Female Health, Obesity, and Mitochondrial Function
7. Phthalates: Detoxifying This Modern-Day Threat to Health
8. National University of Natural Medicine Inducts Chris D. Meletis, N.D. into NUNM Hall of Fame
9. The Microbiota’s Intriguing Role in Celiac Disease


Requisition Form
The main document used for ordering US BioTek services. Not only did the form need a brand refresh, it also needed a new layout to increase readability and ensure orders are clear and accurate.

Collection Kits
Accompanying each collection style is a set of instructions. The old instructions lacked some information and looked horrendous. I made all the new diagrams and icons from scratch to obtain a consistent look between all three brochures.

Dried Blood Spot:




FoodStats Booklet
Branded and added/removed content to update this booklet. Original files were made in an uneditable format, so remade files in InDesign. Added Table of Contents and Index for easy navigation.